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Asepritely 🎨

Aseprite is the modern pixel artist’s most indispensable utility. There’s nothing out there that comes close in terms of usability and features. Despite this, the developers are releasing constant updates, making the software a little better each time. A few updates back, they gave us users the most powerful tool a dev can ever give: the ability to modify it.

That’s right, a full fledged (if not fully documented) scripting language, built on the back of Lua, has given us the power to extend our favorite pixelated powerhouse into essentially, anything that we want.

So, I started doing just that.

What’s Inside

Asepritely began as a private collection of scripts to fulfill my own needs, some of them being highly specific, and so I thought, not useful to the general public. But, as my skills grew, and I spent more time in the Discord and the forums, I began to fulfill the needs of others just to see if I could do it. This happened enough times that I decided, what the heck, I’ll make this private repo public, and my scripting speakeasy became a scripting stage show.

Some of the Goodies

Foreground RGB Toolbar 🌈


This script creates a little toolbar that enables you to quickly view the RGB values of your current foreground color. Very helpful when getting color values for use in other software!

Export PNG on Save

I made this as a request from someone on the forums! When run, this script simply saves your current sprite and saves a .png copy at the same time! The file is output in the same directory you are working in. If you don’t like the popup it gives when complete, open the script up in a text editor and set the value POPUP to false.

Save Selection to Layer

Aseprite already has a feature called “Save selection to new sprite”. I often find that, while working on something, I need to copy or cut just a portion of a layer into a new one so I can divide things up more easily. Well, that’s exactly what this does! It’s only version 1.0, so it’s barely functional. I plan on adding options to select between copy or paste (right now, it’s just copy), and the ability to do have this work on all cels in a layer. Right now, it just works on the current active layer and cel!. Here’s a little clip of it in action.

It’s all wrapped up in zip file just for you, and best of all - it’s free. Always will be too! I shall leave the decision to you, the end user, whether or not my extensions are worth your hard earned nickels and dimes, because I do this not to be paid, but to be enriched.

The Future

As I grow, so does Aseprite, and therefore Asepritely. It’s going to remain a collection of goodies for sure, more scripts than extensions, but there’s always room to squeeze in the unexpected.

(Hint: a beautiful, dark theme, Sublimate this way comes!)

In Closing

So give the page a follow so you know when I update, and you get the latest scripts! I encourage everyone with requests to submit an issue on that there GitHub page.



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